May 2021
These paintings were made over the past year and are some of the most redundant and heavily abstracted paintings I’ve made. It wasn’t necessarily intentional in the beginning, but I think it relates to the way I (and I think many people) have experienced time; an experience where each day or week or month might differ drastically, but in some blurry way became increasingly difficult to tell one apart from another. So, with the paintings I began to work with the idea of seeing how many different ways I could do the same thing.

“The meeting” is a reference to a particular section of a cycle of frescoes painted by Mantegna in the 15th century. The legibility of this and other references becomes lost over the course of numerous copies of previous copies like a visual game of telephone. What replaces the original importance of the source is the meeting between the different copies. A kind of shape and line shorthand develops, and these abbreviations are combined to form entirely new images. The cross-referencing, repetition and sampling that happens between the paintings forms a room full of abstract gossip. A cacophony of paintings quoting other